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Piglett was a little ways ahead of Sora now. Sora decided it best to keep a safe distance behind Kairi since she seemed to be upset. Sora thought a bit as they progressed even closer to finding Pooh and then suddenly ran up to catch Piglett and knelt down into his ear.

“Hey Piglett. Do you think you can talk to Kairi and maybe calm her down a bit. She’s been acting strange since we got here.”

“S-sure.” Replied Piglett. He ran up to Kairi and from the looks of it, seemed to calm her down. Sora could hear them giggling and almost joined in it himself on the dirt trail until something strange happened.

As Kairi and Piglett were walking, they suddenly vanished into thin air. Sora stopped. He didn’t know what had happened. One moment they were smiling and laughing and the next, POOF!

“Oww..” Sora heard on the path where his friends seemed to vanish. Quickly he ran to the spot full speed. A spot came into the clearing and immediately he stopped right in his tracks. He looked down at a hole about twice the width of Rabbit’s door and about 12 feet deep. From the dim light, he could make out Kairi rubbing her rear as Piglett lay dazed in her lap.

“Are you alright?!,” he shouted.

“Yeah we’re fine.” Kairi replied. “This dirt is surprisingly soft.”

“Excuse me miss. I can’t exactly say the same about you.”

Kairi jumped in surprise at the voice under her. She was holding Piglett when a small grayish blob got up from the ground and stretched.

“Well well. If it isn’t Sora. Long time no see aye?” said a pain inflicted Gopher.

“Gopher! It’s great to see you!” Sora exclaimed. “Is this part of your tunnels?”

“Why yes it is…er was.”

Kairi’s face flushed. “I’m so sorry. I should’ve watched where I was going.”

“My fault for digging a tunnel under a path that is walked on almost everday. Whaddya say if we get out of here and have a proper introduction in the sunlight?”

“That would be wonderful.” Kairi smiled as she tried to grip the side of the hole. Her hand broke the edges like soft soot. She tried again but there was no way the sides would hold, even for Piglett.

“Oh d-dear!” cried Piglett. “How do we get out?”

“No worries. We can go through the rest of the tunnels til we find one of my exits.” Gopher said pointing to yet another small hole at the base. “Sora! Meet us about 5 minutes down the path and behind the bush there should be a hole where we will exit.”

Piglett went into the tunnel first. He was so small that he didn’t have to duck down to get inside. Kairi on the otherhand was a different story. She had knelt down and looked inside after Piglett. She put one arm in at a time and pulled herself through. To her surprise the walls were much harder in the small tunnel. She continued to wiggle herself until she stopped at her hips. She pulled harder and bit by bit, they were forced through and she was inside.

Gopher waved to Sora to signal everything was fine and ducked in right after.

Sora left the site after this and began to walk down the path. He didn’t think much this time. Instead his eyes were constantly looking for a hole. After awhile had gone by, he had worried he missed it and was walking steadily farther away from it. Then a rustle came from a few feet in front of him. He looked over and saw a small pink object emerge from the ground. He walked over.

“There you guys are. I was afraid I had passed you. What took you guys so long?”

Piglett looked down into the hole. “K-Kairi kept getting caught on the way here. We had to stop to help her.”

Just then, a thicket of red hair filled the tunnel. Kairi’s face had emerged, red and a bit dirty from the tunnels. She struggled to get up farther but couldn’t move. “I prefer the surface anyday,” she grunted as she still struggled. “No offense Gopher.”

“None taken lassie,” Gopher said as he pushed his back up against Kairi’s bottom. Together they popped her up so suddenly that it startled them both. She was midway through and the hole was pinching around her tummy. The hole was so small that the sudden upthrust caused many of her zippers to zip down on the sides. She was left in her little white tank-top half in and out.

“Oh! My clothes.” She shouted.

“They’ll be fine. After we get you out I’ll hand em up to ya.” Gopher said.

Kairi pushed the ground with her feet on the floor in the tunnel and with her hands on the outside with Piglett and Sora. She tried twisting but now her clothes kept her locked and wedged too tightly against the sides.

“…..*sigh*…I think I might be stuck able,” Kairi smiled.

“You think?” smirked Sora. He loved the way she looked. Her face flushed from embarrassment and her once tiny physique was stuck trying to free itself. He knelt down and grabbed her hands. Piglett grabbed Sora’s heel and tried his best to contribute.

“On three as usual…1….2…3!” Sora shouted and pulled.

“As usual?” questioned Gopher. He decided to push on 3 nonetheless. At first, nothing happened. But then the jacket came out and Kairi flung upwards yet again. This time she felt the problem immediately before she looked at it.

Sora looked over her head and saw that her butt was now wedged on everyside of the hole. He imagined how her rump looked when he had been pushing her the first 2 times. Her butt still rounded out to about 2 inches bigger around all sides of the hole they were trying to squeeze her through.

“I don’t think you’ll fit this time.” Sora confessed.

Kairi pulled once more and knew what he meant. “But I have to. Otherwise I can’t get out of these tunnels.”

“And we can turn her around. There’s no room.” came a muffled Gopher’s voice.

The group was quiet. Kairi was trying to claw at the ground farthest in front of her to pull herself but no luck. Piglett was the only one yet to say something. He stood there pondering his thoughts until he had an idea.

“I-I’ll be r-right back!” he exclaimed as he ran into the trees behind them.

“Piglett! Where are you going!? I need help!” Kairi shouted with small tears in her eyes.

It was too late. Piglett was gone now and the rustle in the bushes which he ran came to a silent halt….

Minutes later, Sora sat with his back to a tree gasping for breathe. Kairi slumped her upper half to the ground in defeat while Gopher lay outstretched in the tunnel below. They had tried on their own to get Kairi out but to no avail. No matter what they did, her rear refused to squeeze through.

“One more time Gopher.” Sora shouted getting to his feet. “This time give it everything you’ve got.” He walked over to Kairi and walked around to the back of her. She almost asked what he was doing when she felt his hands work around her waist. Their hearts started to beat faster and pretty soon it the beats filled their ears. Kairi flushed again but Sora didn’t notice it on her already red face.

“Now!” Sora yelled.

Gopher was already in position and tried pushing up as hard as he could. Sora tried on his end as well and pulled her up with all his remaining strength. This time they made a little progress. Her rear started to come out and over the hole and she smiled in relief until she felt the guys give up for the last time. She looked down and saw that a small bit of her rear had gotten through and was now rolled over the hole which held her even tighter than ever now.

Sora collapsed. “This is more of a workout than defeating heartless.” he vented between breathes.

Then a shadow appeared over his head and he jumped back to his feet. A big brown figured landed on the ground beside him but in the sun he couldn’t make out what it was. Then Piglett jumped from it’s back and landed in front of Kairi.

“Here s-she is Owl.” Piglett smiled. “J-just the way I l-left her.”

Owl looked at the poor wedged girl and she looked back. He smiled.

“My dear it seems you have gotten yourself in a very tight situation. Why this reminds me of when my uncle…” Owl began.

“Not another of your stories you bird brain!” Gopher shouted. “Are you here to help or not?”

“My my. Is that you Gopher? And Sora! It’s so wonderful to see you again.”

“It’s great to see you too Owl. Can you help us with Kairi here?”

“Ah so this IS the famous Kairi from your stories. You are every bit of beautiful as he said you were.”

Sora flushed and looked away. Kairi looked at Sora and couldn’t help but smile.

“Alright. I say it’s time to get you out of there.” Owl broke the silence.

“Oh yes please.” Kairi offered her hands.

Owl grabbed ahold of her arms with her Talons. He flew up from the ground and began to go higher. He was halted by Kairi’s predicament and flew with harder force.

“It’s not working. I’m too stuck….” Kairi shouted in pain as she was flung into the air and out of the hole. She landed in the bush next to the tunnel and got up. Her tank-top had survived the encounter but one of her shoes was missing. She got up from the bush and walked back to the tunnel awkwardly. Gopher came out holding her other shoe and jacket which had surprisely maintained their appearance. He handed them too her and she put them on slowly.

“Well that was rather easy. You must have done most of the work before I arrived.” Owl said as he perched onto a tree branch.

Sora laughed and Gopher smirked. Sora asked where they could find Pooh and told them the stories of how Kairi had gotten stuck before. Everyone laughed.

“Well maybe you should try Pooh’s thinking log. He’s always there…well thinking.” Owl suggested.

Piglett yelled “Of course” and ran down the path alone once again. Owl and Gopher exchanged quick goodbyes and promised to meet them at the hill when it was time for him to leave. Owl took off to the skies and Gopher got to work on making the tunnels bigger, just in case.

“Alright Kairi now that that’s settled let’s go catch up to Piglett.” Sora said. He looked back and saw Kairi sitting on the floor.

“After being off my legs for so long they feel a bit weak. I’m sorry. If you’ll just give me a minute to rest, I can…”

Without saying a word, Sora walked over to her and gently picked her up. With her in his arms he walked down the path and followed the tiny footprints that Piglett had left behind…

End Chapter 3
Kairi the Pooh 3
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still i like the idea of a big butt kairi maybe you can make her butt bigger in the next story.
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